Rough Terrain Cranes

Get the Best Rough Terrain Cranes for Sale For Your Project

KRHI cranes are one of the most reputable manufacturers of rough terrain cranes for sale. We can provide high-quality terrain cranes regardless of the industry. We believe in quality, robustness, and flawless functionality in our cranes. Since our inception, we have invested our time and resources to improve ourselves day by day.

Safety is First in Our Rough Terrain Cranes for Sale Manufacturing

Wherever you need to build your next lift, our rough terrain cranes are the best and safest option. Each of our cranes has the highest standard level of safety available on a rough terrain crane. Our terrain cranes help you grow your business while also increasing job site safety.

Multi-Feature Rough Terrain Cranes for Sale

Whereas other rough terrain cranes for sale manufacturers provide options, we provide safety from the start. Our rough terrain cranes are an excellent fit for a variety of industries.
We provide a variety of features such as:
• Off-road capability,
• Robust and powerful, and
• The highest level of safety features

We have and Offer the Best

KRHI cranes are synonymous with the development of superior lifting equipment solutions. We represent the industry's top crane manufacturers in China. Providing high-quality cranes is one of our core competencies.

Our rough terrain cranes provide cost-effective and timely support, ensuring that downtime is kept to a minimum. We respect the time and believe that time is money.

KRHI Cranes - One-Stop-shop for Cranes

Whatever your long-term or short-term requirements are, we are your one-stop-shop for rough terrain cranes for sale. We serve different industries, including

• energy market,
• municipal and infrastructure construction,
• precast,
• foundations,
• residential construction,
• commercial lighting
• governmental, signage, and utilities

AlIn addition to traditional equipment segments, we offer market-specific expertise in hydro-excavation and fluids management, as well as railway service. We understand the unique requirements of each industry and provide truck crane solutions to meet those needs.

What Sets KRHI Cranes Apart as a Rough Terrain Cranes For Sale Supplier

• Designed, manufactured, and supported with complete dedication

• Simple to use with precise controls

• Simple to Maintain

We are Identified by Our Quality

SWe are producing reliable terrain cranes for the industrial and construction industries since the mid-90s. We have earned our clients' trust over the years by providing high-quality lift operations in one of China's harshest operating environments.
Our well-earned reputation for quality can be directly attributed to the dedication of our qualified staff with decades of experience, who are supported by the best sourcing network in the industry.

ISO Certified Company

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our employees are driven by a single goal: to build the most dependable and high-quality rough terrain cranes in the industry
Even though we have been on the verge of becoming industry leaders, we never become complacent. The methods used by KRHI cranes are evaluated regularly to ensure continuous improvement in production, support, and service.

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