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Quality Mobile Crane Manufacturers

KRHI cranes have been among the leading mobile crane manufacturers in China since 1995. We have manufactured over 1,000 units. Mobile cranes are manufactured to the highest standards in durability, design, and safety.

Mounted on medium, light, and heavy-duty trucks, KRHI cranes’ mobile crane for sale offers excellent flexibility, maneuverability, and versatility and provide cost-effective and time-saving load handling solutions.

Industries Our Mobile Cranes Serve

We serve a wide range of industries like
• Civil and construction industry,
• Oil and gas, and
• Ports & shipyard
Applications that our every mobile crane for sale can cater to are precast concrete, wall panel, signs, roofing, railroad, and much more.

We are One of the Seasoned Mobile Crane Manufacturers

We have spent time with so many wildly successful and heart-centered mobile crane for sale owners. We are noticing genuine success in the construction industry, in particular, through our cranes.

There are some of our clients, who were nothing when they first acquired our crawler and mobile cranes. However, now, they are successfully running their multi-million businesses, through our products.

There are businesses out there in the industry, who got empowered through us. We keep getting messages from them that they are selling our products and we are glad that we have genuinely helped people.

There were also, some of the people who told us they got scammed from other mobile crane manufacturers with horrendous sales tactics. So, we know how the industry works and how our products can be fruitful for you.

Advantages of Our Mobile Crane for Sale

We hire one of the highly qualified and experienced safety staff from the industry
• All members of the KRHI cranes team have one target in mind: to complete the job as safely and efficiently as possible
• All jobs from start to completion are dependent on multiple levels of planning, including
• Daily meetings on risk assessment unlike other mobile crane manufacturers
• Analysis of job hazard
• Audits carried out by each level of management

We Live and Breathe on Quality

We utilize state-of-the-art production and best practices for machining, material sourcing, heat-grinding, assembly, treating, and final product testing processes.

KRHI crane’s streamlined manufacturing process is supported through strict ASTM, ISO, and in-house quality control.

Finest Raw Materials

We source only the premium raw materials alloys that undergo stern quality testing from our reliable and long-standing vendor partners.

We continuously re-invest in state-of-the-art equipment that includes fully automated vertical and horizontal drilling, turning, milling, and grinding machines. Our every unrivaled mobile crane for sale maximizes manufacturing efficiency and make precise tolerance control for every component.

Unparalleled After Sales Support
We recognize our responsibility starts with the production of fine products and continues till delivering the best after-sales support. This includes training, technical documentation, and precise order fulfillment.

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