FEM Report Advice on Selection of Tower Cranes

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August 29, 2018
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FEM Report Advice on Selection of Tower Cranes

FEM a federation of European Materials Handling last week release a paper which says that the for determining the lifetime of tower cranes .The report says that real lifetime of tower crane is determined from the use of hoisting cylces that ultimately effect life of crane.

The report also says that if the manufacturers manual is operated completly then life of crane is nearly 20years.Also ,if the regular maintenace is done on the machine before its erection then machine can run without any hindrance.

Paper further suggests that there are many factors that influence the lifetime of the crane it includes regular maintenance , operating conditions , cleanines and transport method adopted . There are some special things like stress in steel structure , locally welded joints and lack of maintenance .

Experts of the industry have not completly agreed with the paper and says that paper need to come up with substential experiment result to increase the authenticity .

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