Safety Guidelines Which Every Tower Crane Supplier Must Provide

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Safety Guidelines Which Every Tower Crane Supplier Must Provide

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Today, high rise or high altitude buildings are high in demand. Therefore, a tower crane supplier needs to identify safety guidelines for operators.

Below are some safety tips enumerated for tower crane operators:

Workplace Safety and Health

Safety standards for tower cranes are mentioned below:

  • Do not carry out load for maneuvers, if you do not have a full vision; otherwise, request any signalman to the site.
  • Avoid to lift loads, which at a glance, exceed the tower crane’s capacity.
  • Do not lift damage that is severely damaged or poorly stowed. Always ensure that there are no loose substances that may detach and fall while stroking.
  • It is highly forbidden to use strobe spells; as those who have cable press etc.
  • It is recommended to always use protectors or shock absorbers, such as rubber or softwood. Protectors or shock absorbers help to protect the slings and strobes from the sharp corners or edges of heavy load.
  • Never allow any kind of load to go beyond the actual reach of the tower crane pushed by the operators because in these conditions, and due to the movements get seized, the load limiters do not operate while the maximum displacement is increased.

Avoid that the loads move with pendulum and abruptness. If an oscillation of pendulum occurs, do not make any movement that could provoke this phenomenon, stop turning, which causes the pendulum effect.

Safety in Tower Crane

  • Do not lift loads that are annexed to the ground or walls. In case of a quite common occurrence while proceeding with dehorning.
  • Avoid impact caused due to jerks when lifting or lowering loads. It would be best if you did not avoid or brake the load suddenly.
  • The loads must be deposited staunchly before being un-hooked. Make sure that the operator is outside the discharge sector, while the operation is being carried out.
  • Never try to push or drag any load on the ground; or at any level of work.
  • The load before being jacked up must be rightly tied and centered. When lowering or lifting, use adequate slings. Never improvise with non-standard chains or cables.

Safety in tower crane

Assembly Procedure

Tower crane manufacturers are considered when we talk about a project at high altitude. For high rise projects, the important to consider is to solve the lifting needs. There is a wide range of tower cranes available in the market. However, there are alternatives available too.

If the final decision is made to use tower crane, it is also essential to remember that the tower crane has the following benefits:

  • Tower cranes have crane trucks or platform lifts.
  • The crane’s boom can put its weight in any component of the operating radius.


The operator can be on the crane as well as remotely control by using instrumentation located in the building structure.

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