Top Five Cranes Used for Construction

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Tower Cranes
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Top Five Cranes Used for Construction

tower cranes

A crane is a derrick equipped with pulleys and cables that are required to tower or lift materials. There are various kinds of cranes that tower cranes manufacturers offer in the market. A few of them are described below:

The Various Kinds of Cranes for Construction

Mobile Cranes

A mobile crane is considered as the versatile and standard kind of crane used for constructing buildings. The mobile crane comprises of a telescope boom or steel truss mounted on the movable platform. The platform can be wheeled, railed, or a cat truck. The boom is attached at the bottom and is able to be either lowered or raised through hydraulic cylinders or cables. What mobile crane is so versatile? The answer is its mobility and footprint. During construction, sometimes it can be tough to get yourself closer to where you require to hoist the tools. The foot print is an area needed to have a crane set its outriggers in the position which allows it to jack-up the material while remaining inside the crane chart’s requirements.

Telescope Cranes

A telescope crane offers the boom that comprises of different tubes fitted one under the other. A mechanism based on hydraulic system retracts or extends the tubes to increase or decrease the boom’s length. Today, many of the construction cranes, some way or the other, are in the form of telescope crane. Lattice boom crane is an exception. The lattice boom crane is iron-constructed frame which is locked together to obtain the correct height for hoist.

Tower Crane

Tower cranes are advanced form of balance cranes. When annexed to the ground, a tower crane will always provide perfect combination of lifting capacity and height. Tower cranes are utilized when constructing tall buildings. A few larger tower lifters have a capacity to reach height of 1,000 m. While an average dimension of floor concerning high-rise is three and a half meters per floor, crazy!

A noteworthy thing is that these cranes go past specified height during construction. Also, it is essential for cranes to remain connected with the building for preventing crane tipping and crane sway.

Truck-mounted Cranes aka Boom Trucks

A boom truck is a crane fixed on a truck with rubber tire and provide amazing mobility. Dugouts that extend horizontally or vertically are used for leveling and stabilizing cranes while hoisting. These cranes hold capacity that rarely exceed 50 ton. As mentioned earlier, the versatility can be seen in their reach and mobility.

Rough Terrain Cranes

The captioned cranes are usually mounted on the undercarriage along with four rubber tires. These cranes are structured for off-road operations. The outrigger expand horizontally and vertically for stabilizing and leveling the cranes when hoisting. This crane type is a machine with single engine where the same is used to power the undercarriage as it is to power the crane. These cranes are the best to use at construction sites which have dirt, unevenness and rocky terrains. The ability of rough terrain cranes to move around the site make it an effective machine for lighter lift up on infrastructure projects, construction and highway.

Wrap Up

There can be more types but above are commonly used in various sites.

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