Biggest and Most Powerful Cranes in the World 2018

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August 29, 2018
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The Making Of Tower Cranes Decoded
October 23, 2018
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Biggest and Most Powerful Cranes in the World 2018

Biggest and Most Powerful Cranes in the World 2018

Have you ever wondered how tower crane manufacturers tend to build such huge cranes that can lift up to 20,000 tons? To be honest, a few years back I was also confused. Then I saw a list of some of the most powerful and biggest cranes to be made by tower crane suppliers. Wondering which ones they are? Have a look!

Liebherr Mobile Crane

The Liebherr 11200-9.1 is without any doubt one of the world’s mightiest crane. If you are wondering why I’ve started off with this one? Because it’s mobile. A tower crane manufacturers felt the need of having a gigantic moving crane that can be used where ever something weighing up to 1,200 tons needs to be lifted. And if you think that this mobile crane looks like a truck, you should see it for real. – When I saw it for the first time, my eyes popped out!

SSCV Thialf

Second up is the world’s largest crane vessel. Imagine how much time tower crane supplier would need to build something like this. This crane is responsible for placing the arch on the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It can lift up to 14,200 metric tons and has two cranes to do that. This vessel is so massive that it is also home in some instances to hundreds of labor workers.

Taisun Gantry Crane

The Guinness Book of World Record holder, the Taisun Gantry Crane, has lifted the most weight. Wanna know how much? Drum roll, please…. Well, it was a whopping 20,000 tons! The world’s most massive gantry crane lives in Shandong Province in China. This mega crane is known for being a fascinating production, and their manufacturers have received praise from all around the world. If you’ve ever visited a port, I’m pretty sure you’ll never see gantry cranes as big as this one.

The Verdict

Have you noticed that all three of the cranes we mentioned above are different from each other? Well, cranes, are being made in various sizes, and types. However, we picked the top three that fascinated us with their unique qualities. Well, that’s not all, the story doesn’t end here!

Tower crane manufacturers and suppliers haven’t stopped making or thinking about such cranes. Every year we see amazing cranes being launched all around the planet. You never know, the next one could even be a worthy opponent to replace one of the most magnificent cranes listed in this list. Next time you see a crane on your way, make sure you take a close look at it to admire its creativity.

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