62-Years Old Crane Operator Died At Hong Kong Macau bridge site

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August 29, 2018
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62-Years Old Crane Operator Died At Hong Kong Macau bridge site

Recently at Hong Kong Macau bridge site, a 62 years old crane operator Wu Ka-fai gave up his life when a 500kg crane hook fell right down on his cabin.

The actual cause of incident was the hook which snapped from the crane arm and fell right on top the cabin of crane operator. However the elderly driver was inside his cabin fleeing his vehicle from Lung Mun Road site.

The driver was declared dead at the time of incident while police officials are still trying to rectify the actual cause of death.

According to the police spokesman, the paramedics declared the crane operator dead at the time of incident. However, the actual cause of crane malfunction was the cable which snapped and fell down on the cabin having both driver and worker inside the cabin.

What’s more unfortunate is that the cable was also linked with the 500 kg hook.!!!!

“This incident was declared ‘fatal’ among the 4 other industrial accidents occurred in main Hong Kong in past 3 months”, said the executive member of the department.

“It is the duty of labor department to enforce strict safety measures and machinery inspection to save lives of workers found on construction sites everywhere across the city.” She further added.

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