5 Important Components of a Crane Truck

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September 30, 2021
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5 Important Components of a Crane Truck

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Crane trucks have become essential equipment in several industries. In the construction sector, it is hard to imagine a high-rise building without the benefit of such machinery. With the consultation of mobile crane manufacturers, anyone can get the right crane trucks.

The crane placed on a crane truck works in three basic ways:

  • It can function as a balance crane with a horizontal beam;
  • It can work as a jib crane having a pulley system
  • It can work as a hydraulic crane along with a hydraulic system involving oil pressure

Structure of a Crane Truck

The crane truck comprises a basic truck portion having an attached portion that comprises the crane with its operation. Since it is a unique crane, below are the basic components and descriptions of the crane part of a crane truck:


The boom of a crane manufactured by a tower crane supplier is the simplest feature to recognize. It is the most essential component of a crane truck. Also, this is the crane’s arm that lowers or lifts heavy materials. As per the standard, it can work in three different ways that define the specifics of a crane boom for every type of operation.

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The jib is the crane boom’s extension that telescopes or extends out to offer greater length to the boom and enables the driver for higher lifting capability.

Rotex Gear

The Rotex gear, which is located beneath the cab or crane cabin, allows the cab to rotate or turn the boom using a hydraulic motor.

Operator’s Cab (Cabin)

You will see the operator’s cab attached to the top of the deck, straight on top of the Rotex gear. The gear allows for the cabin to turn.

There is the operator’s chair inside the cab along with the electrical equipment and the crane’s control panel. Keeping the chair in view, an operator controls the crane by using joysticks that control the forward-to-aft and left-to-right motion of the boom. There is also a component called foot pedals that control the Rotex gear pump pressure and the boom‘s telescoping action.

Detachable Counterweights

A detachable counterweight is placed on the crane’s back. These weights help in preventing the crane from being unbalanced while object lifting. There is a particular formula to help establish how much counterweight is required based on the load weight, boom radius, and operational boom angle.

Final Words

So we have summarized the form of the crane truck’s parts. It is wonderful how much can be achieved from the simple fulcrum and lever systems based on some basic laws of physics. The modern skyscrapers would be possible without the function performed by cranes and crane trucks. The important function here is the versatility of different models, which gives the ‘truck with crane’ the capacity to achieve amazing projects!

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