2014 The Best Year for Construction Industry

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2014 The Best Year for Construction Industry

Construction industry people and contractors are noticing some positive signs for the better growth in the industry in the year 2014, many speculations have been made, as the industry is seeing some positive changes in the local non residential construction activity, and it is further said that the industry is likely to see improvement in this area in 2014.

According to John Crum of Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, who is the senior vice president as well as the national sales manager of the construction group, “The strong sense of optimism about construction activity is a natural contributor to the upwards trend in construction equipment acquisition and rental we expect to see in 2014,”

Furthermore as the auction which recently took place of heavy equipment is also a sign of a major change that is expected to take place in the industry, not only that from other sources it is found that many units of heavy and light construction machineries have been sold in large quantity.

The other news which is also a sign for the growth of the industry is that in America there recently taken a step of hiring more a hundred thousand veterans for construction work, as the industry is optimistic for the rise and growth in the industry.

America’s this decision of hiring more workers as many as 100,000 shows a major step that has been taken place through this the construction industry for sure will rise and stand up again as it did in the past years.

In China and some other countries, especially in UAE where many of the projects are under construction which are of billions of dollars, are some major signs that the construction industry on the whole is taking it path towards a better future and this will be good for industry and its workers.

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