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The Xinxiang Kerui Company was established in 1995 and is well organized with the latest construction technology and indulged tower crane manufacturers of all types of heavy construction machinery. The Kerui Group is considered as large-scale Tower Crane; fulfilling the needs of heavy tower cranes accordingly. At KRHI Cranes, we are extremely proud and delighted of our achievements as the world’s leading tower crane supplier to different clients all across the globe.

Xinxiang Kerui Heavy Machinery is basically specialized tower crane manufacturers with its brilliance. We have incorporated modernized process with rapid development that facilitate the group to prepare and supply preeminent quality ultra-large cranes, mobile and topless tower crane supplier, luffing crane or luffing jib etc. Our comprehensive range nearly comprise of all categories types of these machines, offering up to hundred types of products in nine diversified series of four innovative categories. Their function is extended from solely construction and building to distinctive industries and sectors such as ports, roads, railway, water conservation, petroleum, chemistry, and nuclear power industry etc.

Quality Tower Crane Manufacturers in China

We are extremely proud of the fact that our cranes are equipped with an anti-collision warning. When there are a lot of machines working on the exact same construction site, our cranes can easily target plenty of other ones that may infuse collision or intervention and thus send a sound-light alarm in advance for the operator to work effectively in time. These advantages have made us one of the world’s high quality tower crane supplier in the world.

In the zone of construction; there has been a colossal work by Kerui Group as tower crane supplier. Thus, we are rough terrain and tower crane manufacturers and supplying cranes and are exceptional heavy duty luffing jib tower cranes to the rightful users. Kerui has delivered nearly all types of tower cranes and such vehicles and lifters regardless of load and other intricacies in every possible region in the world. Kerui has performed meritoriously for its advanced engineering and latest techniques of production and have led the name to a further bright extent. Whatever region it is, we have delivered with same great quality and the expectations by our consumers have developed exceptionally over these years. We are a market giant promise to grow and further improvise our products as per the latest problems of construction and requirement for a better mechanism that is required to sustain such splendid goodwill in the market.

Our cranes are spacious and equipped with comfortable seating to provide the workers with ease and comfort during their tiring hours which demand both physical and mental attention. Not only this, our cranes are equipped with air-conditioners to keep the workers chilled and relaxed at all times. These factors make us one of the world’s leading tower crane manufacturers in the world, and we are proud of it.

Xinxiang Kerui Heavy Machinery Science & Technology Co. Ltd. (also called Kerui Group) has been one of the familiar Tower Crane in China.

We are one of the authentic names in supplying complete range of machines, Luffing and Topless Tower Cranes, Passenger Hoist, Construction cranes and various heavy load lifting and moving equipment.

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