Luffing Tower Cranes

Premium Luffing Jib Tower Crane Series

Product Description

"Luffing Tower Crane" a name that has served the construction industry more than anyone can imagine. Luffing Cranes have provided a solution to the construction problems that usually arrives during professional operations especially when the tower crane has to operate in a compact & populated area within a city. As a building manager, you might have faced a situation where you have to fight for precious space not only inside but around the construction site. Luffing Cranes provides the feasibility of lifting especially in areas where over sailing is either not allowed or not even possible. Obtaining rights for sailing over public properties, government building, Shops, etc. within a city can be a difficult task. Situations like these calls for utilization for luffing cranes as luffing tower crane structure allow its jib & load to stay within the construction premises ensuring the safety of neighboring buildings & people.

Product Specification

Our luffing tower cranes are designed specifically to be used within populated areas, providing reduced amount of risk along with the reduction of costly permits required for over sailing of material. Jib of our crane can lift while standing vertically in the air creating a minimum radius of around 5 meters from the mass section. Our luffing cranes are specially designed to serve the needs of construction sites located in not only rural but urban areas as well. These cranes require small space to operate whereas their reach is highly impressive which is most favorable in places that need high amount productivity within limited space. Our Cranes can be attached to numerous parts of an under construction building whereas multiple cranes can opt for enhanced productivity. Our luffing cranes are highly reliable, durable & efficient. Some major pros of our luffing cranes while operating on a tall building or a power plant are listed below:

Our Luffing Crane Features

High-quality production allows enhanced performance & reliability on each task performed. Easy maintenance access and built-in safety feature to keep downtime to a minimum Luffing Crane provides ease of maintenance along with built-in safety features ensuring the reduction in downtime. Ergonomic Cabin provides necessary comfort to the operator providing long hours of certain work. The range of the Crane provides utilization of fixed & mobile counterweight cranes for enhanced performance resulting in improved productivity. Our LTC series include crane models up to 630 mt.